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Warriors of Light

Between the tall trees of a magical forest, children get lost in a make-belief world where they are the true heroes. These young warriors are trainees in the first school for Light Warriors, Two Swords.

The school, a first of its kind in Israel, offers training in martial arts for children and youth who deal with learning and performance difficulties, behavioural disorders.

Through the unique training, children learn to be both independent and cooperative; to listen and be attentive, and to become leaders. Integral aspects of the training are the influence of imagination; the belief in one’s ability for personal change; the development of a greater self-image. For the students, the training is like a game, in which take on the role of a warrior and become empowered in the process.

The imaginary aspect of the exercise - the fairy-tale setting which animates the activity - allows them to feel the significance of the activity, and their own important role in it.

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