Palestine E. I. 


Palestine (Eretz Israel) strives to hear and acknowledge the different stories of each one of the people portrayed, when asked about the meaning of the Palestinian document in their hands, thereby telling their point of view of their sense of belonging to this land. 

The series of diptychs combine portraits of Jews and Arabs born in British Mandate Palestine, and an original document - birth certificate, ID, or passport - from British Mandate Palestine.

The document serves as a catalyst to open up to people’s stories, for the viewer to be confronted with the different and at times opposing realities that exist simultaneously on the same disputed land. 


© 2020 by Hadas Parush

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Miriam Parush, b. 1934.

"This certificate means that I belong in Palestine. Palestine was ours before the Arabs. And if, God forbid, there will be a war and the Jews are deported, then we, the Palestine natives, would not be expelled. Back then nobody identified as Palestinian. It only started after the war over the state. Then they began saying we occupied it. At the end of the day, Jews live here and Arabs live here. We didn't come to occupy the land. We were here, we are and will stay here."